SNG Bankroll project update 6

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I have not been playing poker since my last update July 15th. The reasons are two fold: time and interest.

It´s my holiday now, so I am trying to keep work related activities to a minimum. Why? I am actually very motivated to work on our projects at least 12 hours a day, but it can be a very useful exercise to try to keep away from work. This helps you to stay motivated and will prevent you from burning out.

It can become very tedious to play poker. Just sitting there grinding, always trying to maintain your A-gaming. I am on a strict bankroll management program, so there is not room for adventure trips to other levels. The problem arises if you start to combine playing poker with something boring or something you have to do, this will in the long run most definitely reduce your chances of becoming a winning player. I aim to have a mental state that poker is fun, thrilling and a dynamic game against other players.

In order to maintain this state I sometime take a break from the game. Other good tactics are to try other games, poker tournaments, or even live poker. I was considering playing some Omaha poker, just for the fun of it. But I finally decided that a break would be best.

Michael, July 29th.

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1 Comment to SNG Bankroll project update 6
July 29, 2008

I can relate to the two issues you outlined in your post. It can be difficult to find the time to play if you have other projects to work on. But the second issue is more of an issue for me. It seems the more I play the less I like the game! I get board following the same strategy (even through it works and is profitable). Poker becomes rather mechanical after a while. The original enthusiasm that one has during the early learning curve seems to go away once you figure the game out. It almost becomes like a job, where you can measure your profit by an hourly rate.

Regardless, good luck on your bankroll project.

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