Top 10 poker movies through the times

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I found this list on a Danish poker site and liked it because many of the movies were new to me.

Queen High (1930)

Two women own a garden centre and have a hard time agreeing on pretty much everything. They ask their lawyer for advice when they want to go their separate ways and he suggests a game of poker. The loser agrees to wait on the winner for an entire year. A supposedly very entertaining movie

Sunset Trail (1939)

A classical good against evil movie. Hopalong Cassidy is the hero and Keller is the villain who buys a rancher’s cattle, kills him and steals back the money. Hopalong learns about this and pretends to be a rookie player in order to get in contact with Keller’s daughter. In the end the villain is defeated in a game of poker.

Loaded pistols (1948)

Gene Autry and Barbara Britton play the leading roles in this movie about a poker/murder mystery. Britton’s younger brother is wrongfully accused of a murder taking place during a poker game. Gene hides the boy and recreates the game to find the true murderer.

The Cincinnati Kid (1965)

New Orleans. The Kid is in town to beat the infamous poker legend Lancy Howard (Edward G. Robinson). With the help from an old friend and card dealer, the Kid ends up in a life changing high stakes game. The good stuff is in the exiting poker final. Unfortunately there’s a lot of romantic dribble and mediocre acting before getting there.

Big hand for a little lady (1966)

A family moves to a new town and the husband decides to play in a high-stakes poker game. He loses almost everything until he very conveniently has a heart attack. His wife, never having played poker before, takes over in an attempt to win back the money.

Kaleidoscope (1966)

Barney is a devious player and hustler who aims to keep his title as “The luckiest poker player ever” in a prestigious game. Warren Beatty’s game is very realistic in this movie.

Maverick (1994)

The scene is set in the old South. Mel Gibson is 3000$ short of being able to compete in the upcoming “winner takes it all” tournament. After meeting the female poker player /femme fatale, Jody Foster, he finds himself in a ton of problems while playing to win the tournament.

Rounders (1998)

Possibly the most popular poker movie ever made. Some say this movie started the online poker boom. Matt Damon’s character is forced back into the poker world to win enough money to pay for his friend’s (played by Edward Norton) gambling debt.

Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels (1998)

Four regular guys rally together to back up their friend in an insane high stakes game against a local gangster. When they lose, they are forced into crime in an attempt to get back on track.

Luckytown (2000)

On a journey to find a her father, an infamous poker player, Kirsten Dunst picks up an employee in a video store who has an ambition to become the greatest poker player of all time. Together they head off to Las Vegas to find fortune and her father. The movie is full of action and good gambling scenes.

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1 Comment to Top 10 poker movies through the times

Amy Wilkinson
March 4, 2010

Greatest ever in my time Maverick is up there
.-= Amy Wilkinson´s last blog ..Texas Hold em success!!! =-.

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