Top 10 USA Casinos For Poker #9 – Bellagio, Las Vegas

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In this article series we plan to make a top 10 list of casinos for poker in the USA

The Bellagio is an iconic venue which is known around the world. Having become a shining beacon of Las Vegas, Sin City’s top casino has been showcased in many a film, television show and other entertainment, bringing it to the forefront of the public eye. However, whilst the glitz and glamour of the venue may be ever present, it hasn’t stopped the fact that the Bellagio really is one of the worlds top gambling establishments.


Part of a famed hotel complex, the Bellagio is located in the very heart of Las Vegas, offering easy access for all visitors to one of the most popular American cities. Built on the Vegas Strip, the Bellagio replaced the legendary Dunes hotel, opening in 1998 with a reported $88m grand ceremony. It has found international acclaim on the gamblers circuit and continues to be a top spot for notorious poker players including Jennifer Harmon, Barry Greenstein, Chip Reese, Johnny Chan and Doyle Brunson.

One of the attractions of the Bellagio is that if caters to a wide number of visitors whether gamers want to drop just a few dollars or play with thousands. An impressive art gallery, the famous fountains and fine restaurants can be found at the Bellagio, enabling those enjoying the casinos services to spend many hours enjoying their favourite pastime whilst surrounded in glitz and beauty. Meanwhile, the casino includes a wealth of gambling opportunities including the usual slot machines, some of which are unique to the Bellagio, and table games such as baccarat, craps, roulette and poker. And it is poker that makes the Bellagio one of the worlds most sought after venues.

Whilst playing against the house can be fun, the Bellagio offers one of the best poker rooms in the world, with high rollers able to come and bet thousands amongst each other. Whilst gamers can make a few hundred grinding away at the table games, it is in the poker room where the real money is made, and for those entering this high stakes world, it’s worth getting some practice by using websites such as to play a few free games first.

The poker room itself has the same chic appeal as the rest of the Bellagio complex, and it offers one of the only live poker spectator events in the industry with its ‘Big Game’ of $2,000 and $4,000 limits. However, aside from the main event there is plenty going on, and the casino has regular tournaments of Hold ‘em including $300/600, $75/150 and $4/8 limits allowing everyone to play no matter their budget. Las Vegas’s only $20/40 stud game is found here, and they also provide a range of no limit Hold ‘em games. Of course, such is the popularity of Bellagio that weekend waits for lower stakes tables can take hours, and staff can sometimes seem a little pompous. But, whether gamers want to be spectators, dabble a little or play for big bucks, the Bellagio remains one of the world’s top poker venues.

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