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There are thousands of poker hands on Youtube, but the 5 poker hands below are definitely spectacular enough to belong on a top 5 poker hands on Youtube list.

James Akenhead vs Grant Hinkle
This hand takes place at the heads-up stage of a $1,500 No-limit Hold’em event at the 2008 and see England’s James Akenhead locking horns with America’s Grant Hinkle.

Akenhead had been much the better player heads-up and Hinkle was starting to feel the pressure and made a preflop raise to 350,000 holding the lowly hand of Td4d. Akenhead looked down and found AcKh and made it $1,200,000 to play, prompting Hinkle to move all-in on a bluff. Akenhead instantly called and was in good shape to take a 10:1 chip lead.

However, the flop completely changed that as it came down ThTs4h, giving Hinkle a full house. To make matters worse the turn was the last ten in the deck, giving Hinkle quad tens, the win and $831,279. Akenhead had to make do with the $520,219 runner-up prize money.

Phil Ivey vs Paul Jackson

This hand shows the great hand reading skills of Phil Ivey, arguably the best poker player ever. The hand takes place at the heads-up stage of the 2005 Monte Carlo Millions and sees Ivey hold a 4:1 chip lead over Paul Jackson.

Jackson open-limps on the button with 6s5d and Ivey raises to 60,000 with Qh8h, which Jackson calls. The flop of JcJh7c misses both players but they both decide they want the pot and start bluffing at each other. Ivey starts proceedings by firing out 80,000, prompting Jackson to make it 170,000. Not to be outdone, Ivey makes another raise, this time to 320,000 but amazingly Jackson does not give up, instead makes it 470,000 to play!

Ivey goes into the tank for a minute or so before announcing he is all-in, causing Jackson to quickly release his hand. A truly remarkable hand.

Isaac Haxton vs Ryan Daut

After fighting his way back from a 3:1 chip disadvantage to lead by 2:1 at the Caribbean Adventure, Ryan Daut – who is a coach for one of the leaders in online poker tutorials- completed in the small blind with 7c5s and his opponent, Isaac Haxton checked with the second worst heads-up hand possible, 3d2d.

The flop missed both players completely and Haxton check/called a 300,000 bet from Daut. The turn brought the King of diamonds, making the board Qh4hAcKd and both players checked. But when the Qc arrived on the river both players thought they were entitled to the already substantial pot.

Haxton attempted to buy the pot by betting 700,000 but Daut quickly made it 2,000,000 to go. Haxton hung his head on the table and thought for around 90 seconds before announcing he was all in. There was no way Daut could call with his seven-high and he quickly mucked before being shown the extraordinary bluff from Haxton.

Oliver Hudson vs Sammy Farha

Oliver Hudson, son of actress Goldie Hawn, was eliminated on the very first hand of the 2005 World Series of Poker Main Event at the hands of Sammy Farha.

Farha opened to 200 holding AhTd and Hudson, liking his black tens, made it 450, a bet that Farha called. The flop was an unbelievable AcAdTh giving both players a full house! Both elected to slowplay their hand and check but the fireworks started with the arrival of the Qc on the turn.

First Hudson lead out for 300, Farha quickly raised to 1,300 and Hudson moved all-in. Farha instantly called and when both players revealed their hands it was apparent Hudson was drawing completely dead. $10,000 wasted in less than five minutes!

Jennifer Harman vs Corey Zeidman

Corey Zeidman inflicted a true bad beat on Jennifer Harman during the 2005 WSOP Main Event. Harman raised preflop to 200 holding QdQc and was called by Zeidman with 9d8d and Davis with As6d.

The flop came down TsJdQh, giving Harman a set of queens and Zeidman a flopped straight. Davis checked then folded after seeing Harman bet 500, Zeidman raise to 2,000 and Harman call. The turn was the ten of diamonds, filling Harman’s set into a full house and making her an almost certain winner in the hand. Zeidman lead out for 1,000 and Harman raised to 3,000. After much deliberation Zeidman called, not knowing he only had one card that could win him the pot.

Amazingly it arrives on the river in the shape of the 7d, giving him a straight flush! Harman bet 3,000 which was enough to put her opponent all-in, and he obviously quickly called and showed the nuts, prompting Harman to leave her seat at the table in disbelief.

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Vitor Reis
March 10, 2010

Really great hands! 5 stars

Poker Tips
March 24, 2010

Amazing poker hands. Thanks for that post.

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