Phil Ivey Dominating Full Tilt

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According to online poker trackers, Phil Ivey has been dominating the online poker scene at Full Tilt Poker, earning over $9 million in profits since January 2007. The impressive accomplishment in itself is pretty mind-boggling and captures the imagination of aspiring online poker players anywhere. Perhaps the most impressive fact of Ivey’s achievement is that he has done this across all forms of poker, not just one particular game. Unlike other top players who are consistently crushing one or two poker forms, Ivey destroys all comers in all games. His remarkable run is inclusive of HORSE, Stud and Omaha games as well as Texas Hold’em. This adds credence to the belief that Ivey is the top player in the world.

Among his most impressive stats are:

– Over $1.99 million dollars in profits in the high-stakes HORSE games over just 25,980 tracked hands ranking him #1 overall.

– Over $2.3 million dollars in profits in No Limit Hold Em over 41,176 hands ranking him 3rd

– Over $1.4 million dollars in profits in Pot Limit Omaha games over 47,953 tracked hands placing him in the top 15 overall.

– Over $3.1 million dollars in profits playing Omaha Hi/Lo over 20,115 tracked hands ranking him 2nd behind Gus Hansen.

It should be noted that for the Omaha/Hi Lo and HORSE figures only began keeping track within the past six months which makes it highly likely that Ivey’s win totals are much, much higher than those reported and makes it possible that he could in fact be in the top 5 of all 4 categories. This line of thinking lead most observers to believe his profits are well over $10 million.

Ivey’s accomplishment is pretty phenomenal if you consider just how difficult it would be to make over a million dollars in any single game, and he has done this in four different forms

To fully appreciate Ivey’s superiority, it is worth mentioning that his $9 million in profits more than doubles what the 2nd place player has made over the same time period. Di “Urindanger” Dang has banked just over $4.34 million dollars and they are followed by David Benyamine ($4.089 million), Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond ($3.979 million) and Tom “durrrr” Dwan ($3.642 million). If you have made this list, you are obviously at the top but mathematically speaking, Ivey has been twice as successful as anyone else.

The last piece of evidence illustrating Ivey’s superiority is the fact that overall, he has played in about half as many hands as anyone else on the list. So, in essence, Ivey puts in half the time and makes twice as much as anyone else. In addition, Ivey’s live tournament cashes are at $10 million and rising. It will be most compelling to poker fans to see if Ivey is able to continue his dominance.

Source: Poker King

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2 Comments to Phil Ivey Dominating Full Tilt

December 9, 2008

Hi Markus

Thanks for the update! Are there any statistics on how much these guys have lost, or are these numbers included in the amounts you state in your article?

Horse Poker
December 12, 2008

These are some of the very fine people. I dont know what to expect from them.

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