Do not pass Go, Do not collect £200 – The thimble is out

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Jeffrey | Poker Strategy

It seems that the world of Monopoly has decided to have a bit of a shake up as news that the Thimble is being ousted in favour of a shinier new alternative has hit the market. While the elder generation of Monopoly lovers will remember it fondly, the alternative piece – currently including potentials such as a gramophone, TV, bathtub and more – are expected to bring a flash of change to the game that has made the bulk of its’ money releasing alternative versions of its’ original masterpiece.

While updates about the winning choice are set to be announced on March 19th, social media channels have faced a rather impressive backlash about the ‘travesty’ that is taking place and have begun sharing their favourite thimble-related stories.

With the board game having been created some 80 years ago in 1935 by the Parker Bros, (although some will argue that Lizzie Maggie created it some 30 years before that), this is the first major change it has undergone not including the various spin-off releases including Disney, Star Wars and International versions. Perhaps that is the sole piece of good news however, that the thimble was never marketed in the spin-offs and therefore the games will remain unchanged … or if you are a Monopoly slot machine fan, we have it on good authority that their deal isn’t expiring yet so the Thimble will remain an active piece in the various online versions for the near future at least.

While those who have taken to the social stratosphere to voice their objections will feel little sympathy for the gambling version or alternatives, they could just grab one from their old sewing kits and play defiant to the change? Nevertheless, the board game world is set for a shake-up and we will wait patiently for updates on March 19th as to what will be replacing this iconic thimble and let you know more as soon as we do.

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