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I was just thinking of my worst poker memory from my own game and it just took me on a mental rollercoaster ride from one bad event to the next. Why did I take this mental ride – I don’t know – it’s not making any sense. It’s not like the ride is expected to lift my spirits – but actually it did – some of the moments were quite fun when I recall the memories.

So which one was the worst? It’s not easy because you have to take many circumstances into considerations – the sum of money lost, the degree of the bad beat, importance of the event to my self-esteem as a poker player or the external elements making the event so much worse.

After the mental ride one event stood out hitting the head on the nail for the two last circumstances mentioned above. I was in Newcastle several years back – staying there for half a year with Michael who also writes here at the Pokerbankrollblog. One week we had a visit from Mark (Pokerbankrollblog) and a friend of mine and we decided all of us to go to this big tournament at a casino in Newcastle. My experience in live poker at the time was zero – I had never been to a official live tournament event before.

So we get to the tables and first hand I get is AJ suited. I see the flop and hit top pair of jacks second to act. I play it aggressively and make a pot bet, but I get a call. Turn is a low card so I keep being aggressive while thinking a lot about what to do. He ended up going all in with me calling – beaten to trips seven…ouch. OK that’s it I think and I get up of my chair when all the other players start clapping me out – beaten in the first hand and the first person to exit the tournament. Welcome to live poker tournaments:-).

OK it might not be in the category of a nightmare but remember: I was young, rookie and just starting to get a feeling for the game – I was vulnerable:-).

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