Poker New years resolution

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Submitted by Dungbeetle, this article belongs to the Poker and life section.

Editor’s comment: I just finished reading Dungbeetle’s poker New Year’s resolution for 2009 and found his views on the effects the financial crisis might have on the poker scene in 2009 to be very realistic. How do you think the financial crisis will affect your poker life in 2009?

I had intended 2009 to be a real make or break year on the poker front, in that I’d play in a number of EPT and WPT events as well as the WSOPE and WSOP Main Events. However, the fragile economy, crashing exchange rate and uncertainty surrounding my own job, combined with pretty ropey poker performance in the back end of 2008 have curtailed these lofty ambitions somewhat.

I also can’t help but notice that the more recreational players have understandably seen fit to reduce their poker outgoings in the current economic strife, leading to less “value” in tournament fields and cash games. Since this recession is a worldwide problem (although not dear leader Gordon Brown’s ludicrous stance of “all the Americans’ fault”), I imagine the card rooms of Vegas will be slightly less tourist laden in 2009, which again reduces expected returns.
The above gloomy outlook aside, I still have a fairly robust bankroll set aside for 2009. Of course all of this depends on my self discipline in not making other “investments”, but if I can stay away from self inflicted financial havoc, I should be able to make a decent fist on the poker front this coming year.

In a bid to curb my cash game excesses of recent months, I’ve decided to split my cash game and tournament bankrolls. I’ve set aside just fourteen buyins of £150 for the year for cash games, and once that is gone, it is gone. The only opportunity where there are budgeted reloads, will be during the trips to Ireland and Vegas. I hope this will stop my rather relaxed attitude to getting involved in £1k+ pots with marginal holdings, and cultivate a tighter more methodical game. We live in hope ;)

The London tournament roll is enough to play about 8/10 tournaments a month depending on buyin, and I aim to play at the International more often this year to get more exposure to bigger fields.

I’m foregoing online cash for the moment to focus on tournaments, as I feel a have a bigger edge in this area. I may change that later in the year depending on results. My current online roll is already in place, and this will allow regular midweek sessions, as well as a couple of shots at the big Sunday events. As always, motivating myself to play will be key in this area, and it has really been lacking recently.

And then there is the festival bankroll. Always the highlights of the year, my bankroll should stretch to trips to Ireland for the Irish Open, and Vegas for WSOP (although not the Main Event). There should be a lot of Canines (Loose Cannon regulars) making the trip to Vegas this year, so it should be better than ever. Hopefully one of us can scoop a really big result. I also should pop up at a few UKPT Main Events, as well as a Dusk Till Dawn Festival. In addition, closer to home, The International are hosting the London Masters in March, so I aim to play that one as well.

A couple of other goals for the year:

1) Take a couple of NON-poker holidays. The last two years I have spent every available holiday out of the sun, in a cardroom in the bowels of a huge hotel, staring intently into another man’s eyes. I owe myself at least 2 weeks of non-poker relaxation this time. My poker performance will be fresher because of it.

2) Cut out the ludicrous late nights. I can operate fine on 5 hours sleep. 1 hour is pushing it a bit though.

3) Win enough to justify playing the WSOPE Main Event. For me this has now surpassed the WSOP Main Event as the premier tournament on the calender. Nowhere else will you face such a concentration of big name pros, and top internet players. The champion of this event, is the true world champion in my book, as the luck factor is so much less than the Vegas counterpart, due to the reduced field size.

4) Stop smoking after Vegas. I’ll be 34 in March, and it really is time to give up or accept that I’ll be dead 15 years ahead of schedule. July should see a downtime in the poker schedule, and this will be the perfect time for me to stop.


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4 Comments to Poker New years resolution

December 30, 2008

I plan to actually win a tournament in 2009:-)
I don’t expect the crisis will affect the tournaments I usually play since they are mostly low buyin.

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Mark aka Poker Farce
January 1, 2009

I’ll agree that you’re gonna need more than 1 hour of sleep…but I’d be more than happy to take whatever odds you are laying against yourself quitting smoking after Vegas.

You know that never works when someone says I’ll quit after this or that. Especially when you are coming back to the real world from Las Vegas.

custom poker tables
January 3, 2009

I hope the economy would recover from the recent downpour so Vegas would again be filled with tourists thus giving more return. May we all have awesome games in 2009!

custom poker tables’s last blog post..RFID-enabled Custom Poker Tables

Casino Bonus Junkie
January 16, 2009

Those are some good New Years resolutions, especially the one about taking non-poker related vacations. I took a trip to Costa Rica and limited myself to just one weekend of playing cards in a couple of the casinos down there.

I had fun, but the ladies and the monkeys were definitely the highlight :).

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