Michael’s SNG Bankroll Building Project

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Hi Guys

I have finally found the time to play some more poker. So will have a go at building a bankroll by playing SNG’s at Inter Poker (Cryptologic).

I have deposited $60 and will start playing $5 ($0.5 rake) SNG’s and gradually move up in buy ins. This gives a rather small bankroll compared to the buy in, only 10 x buy in (plus rake), so will have to try to avoid back luck… How does one avoid bad luck?? My first goal is to stabilize my bankroll for $5 buy ins. Should in theory have at least 50 buy ins.
As for activity, I hope to be able to play 5-10 SNG´s per day.

The process so far:
8 SNG played.
In the money: %
Winnings minus buy in: 0.5$
$4 rake.

Net profit: -$3.5

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