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Short Stack Strategy – Ed Miller

Saturday, June 28th, 2008 | Poker Articles, Poker Strategy | 26 Comments

This article is a part of the Poker Strategy series. I have made a decisive decision for my person bankroll building project. In order to reach my 200$ poker bankroll goal I am going to make a radical change in my general poker strategy. I will start using a short stack strategy from now on. My short stack strategy is a modification of the famous Ed Millers short stack strategy. Basically the Ed Millers short stack strategy is based on the fact that short stack players have an advantage compared Read more [...]

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SNG Poker Bankroll project, update #2

Saturday, June 28th, 2008 | Poker Articles, Poker Bankroll Building, Poker Projects | No Comments

Follow up on the SNG Bankroll Building Project. I am still playing the 50% double up SNG at Inter Poker, where half of the contenders double up on the buy in. But because of a software update the lobby currency is now only UK Sterling. So the table is now £5+£0.5 which is approximately $10. Very high buy ins compared to my very low bankroll. But it seems like it's the poker gods intention that I should have a go at the higher table. And don´t ever go against the poker gods! This is of Read more [...]

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Bankroll Building Skills – Acceptance

Thursday, June 26th, 2008 | Poker Articles, Poker Bankroll Building, Poker Bankroll Management | 1 Comment

This article is a part of the Poker Bankroll Management series. In the series of articles describing necessary skills required for good Bankroll Management at the personal skill – acceptance – will be the next skill I will go into depth with. To know what I refer to when I say acceptance a definition of acceptance is necessary: ...the act or the process to perceive reality accurately and consciously acknowledge what is perceived without resistance or aversion to what Read more [...]

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Poker starting hand strategy

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008 | Poker Articles, Poker Rules | 4 Comments

This article is a part of the Poker Rules series. Step 4: Learning which starting hands to play: Starting hand selection is one of the fundamental skills of Texas Hold'em No Limit, so take your time with this step. The concept of position is closely tied to hand selection and thus needs explaining before we can move on. In my previous post I described the Texas Hold'em No Limit gameplay and the role of the Big Blind, The Small Blind and the dealer. The dealer in Texas Hold'em has the best position Read more [...]

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Malta News

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008 | Poker and Life | No Comments

Our two current main projects namely poker bankroll building and world online sports bookmakers are now up and running as we envisioned and the start up problems have been eliminated. We are now entering the phase for search engine optimization (SEO) where especially WOSB with lots of content and more than 1.000 web pages stands strong. We have hired a programmer full time the next month to exclusively do search engine optimisation on WOSB and PokerBankrollBlog. I think these pages are going to get Read more [...]


Michael’s SNG Bankroll Building Project

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008 | Poker Articles, Poker Bankroll Building, Poker Projects | No Comments

Hi Guys I have finally found the time to play some more poker. So will have a go at building a bankroll by playing SNG's at Inter Poker (Cryptologic). I have deposited $60 and will start playing $5 ($0.5 rake) SNG's and gradually move up in buy ins. This gives a rather small bankroll compared to the buy in, only 10 x buy in (plus rake), so will have to try to avoid back luck... How does one avoid bad luck?? My first goal is to stabilize my bankroll for $5 buy ins. Should in theory have Read more [...]

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Mark’s personal bankroll building project; update 3

Saturday, June 21st, 2008 | Poker Articles, Poker Bankroll Building, Poker Projects | No Comments

I have been really busy this week, working as a research project manager during the day and on the PokerBRB Community in the evenings. I think we have managed to integrate the 4 branches of our community nicely; I am really looking forward to see if our changes bear fruit and increase traffic to our sites. The downside to my busy week has manifested itself in my Bankroll Building Project; I have only managed to play 6 session hours since my last update. On top of this I haven't won a single Read more [...]

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PokerBRB News

Saturday, June 21st, 2008 | Poker News | No Comments

June 21st The full PokerBRB Community is now a reality. We have 4 branches, some of them you might already have visited: PokerBRB Rakeback: Great Rakeback deals PokerBRB Competitions: Bankroll boosting competitions PokerBRB Forum: Interact, exchange, share and learn PokerBRB Blog: Poker articles and PokerBRB News Your PokerBRB team   Read more [...]


Poker Bonus and Rakeback

Saturday, June 21st, 2008 | Poker Articles, Poker Rakeback | 1 Comment

This article is a part of the Poker Rakeback series. As a response to the article "10 Questions About Rakeback" I was asked whether a rakeback deal results in a forfeit of the poker room sign up and reload bonuses. This is actually not always the case, which makes a rakebackback deal even more valuable for you when building a online poker and online casino bankroll. I will elaborate on three of the bonuses given with a rakeback deal at PokerBRB. Inter Poker When signing up at Inter Poker Read more [...]

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Chris Ferguson Challenge – bankroll management strategy

Thursday, June 19th, 2008 | Poker Articles, Poker Bankroll Building, Poker Pro, Poker Projects | 1 Comment

This article is a part of the Poker Bankroll Management series. For those who haven’t heard of the Chris Ferguson Challenge – here is a short summary of his project. The Poker Pro player Chris Ferguson started his own mission – turn 0$ into 10.000$. This project was an exercise in bankroll management – with clear rules for his buy in strategy. From the very beginning the project Ferguson set up some clear guidelines he strictly had to follow: Never buy into a cash-table or a Sit&Go Read more [...]

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